Leadership is not about the mastery of management or the compliance of followers. Although, good leaders do this effecitvely. Leadership at its core is about the mastery of self. Great leaders master who they are, therefore they can master others.
— Lauren Ashley

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So, Who Am I?

I'm Lauren Ashley. I'm a natural leader who the school of life experience has nurtured and trained to be an effective leader. I'm also a serial entrepreneur having had two businesses prior to this one. Basically, I've been "bossy" since I was a little girl (that's what they call young girls who have harnessed their leadership potential at a young age isn't it?). In addition, I've studied Human Resources and Leadership, Finance, Quantitative Business Analysis, Economics (and Urban Planning) and graduated in the top of my class. Shout out to Beta Gamma Sigma! I've held several leadership positions---professional and otherwise. But, at my core, I'm a real, straight shooting, badass boss lady who isn't afraid of getting in the trenches to push myself and others to find that thing that makes them special. I believe in facing fears straight up, fighting personal demons until they are conquered, and living out the purpose our skills and talents make us uniquely prepared to accomplish. I believe that "Leadership is a Lifestyle" and that "Business is an Art based on Science." The things that apply to business leadership, also apply to our everyday life. 

What I Do?

Because of that, I ascribe to a "holistic" approach to business and leadership/executive coaching and consulting. Meaning, my method is all about passion and purpose integration. In my experience, from all of the great leaders, entrepreneurs and managers I've observed, worked for and studied---work-life balance is a myth for leaders who truly aspire to greatness. It works if you want a regular, "normal" life. The kind where you check-in to work, punch out, sit on the couch and watch TV until you fall asleep. But, if that's not for you or doesn't even sound appealing to you, I've got news for you---work-life balance won't happen for you. 

What's In It For You?

Simply...The things I teach you will not only help you become a better business owner, a better leader at work, but will also help you become a better person with your family, your partner, and your other personal relations. That leads to greater fulfillment and a sense of achievement in life; which in turn makes you better in your professional work! It's really a win-win situation!



“Making us Fishermen.”

Instead of...just giving us fish as entrepreneurs, she's teaching us to be fishers. I'm so grateful for these lessons.

— C.L.


“Keeping Us Current”

Dialogue on current information that keeps you on your toes!

— Q.A.


I'm learning from you and your masterful teachings! They are all so very practical. Thanks again!

— be_e_mekk via Instagram


“A Breath of Fresh Air”

Unique perspectives on a number of topics. Definitely a breath of fresh air!

— E.G.


“Stellar, professional service.”

Always an amazing perspective and viewpoints. I will definitely be keeping up to date to see what comes next.

— J.R.


“Information Overload for Free”

Well done. Information overload for the free... I have a lot of work to do and will schedule a consultation. Please and thank you.

— C.W



My Alternative

I help management professionals and entrepreneurs, leading teams of 1-25, tap into the passion that drives their vision, mission, and core values. It's my job to help you or free you to discover the purpose that drives your strategic, tactical, and operational plans, and then create a customized plan for you to carry out these key initiatives in a way that is authentic to who you are and in line with (you guessed it) your passions.

I provide the tools, resources, and training to help you find ways to optimize, automate and delegate the work that doesn't serve your highest potential, align with your strengths or advance them further. By cutting the fat and focusing on what you and your business are really good at, we get to results quicker and are able to sustain them longer. Also, you and I work together to develop a plan for your team who have passion and purpose in the areas you do not.

By working together to create an effective strategy around these outcomes, we are able to create a clearer picture of personal success and attain contentment and fulfillment at work and in life---which is the real goal. 

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