3 of the Most Important Hires for Small Businesses

Pretty much all small businesses are going to start out as one person (or a small group of people) with an idea. From day one, things can be busy to get it all off the ground, as the founder takes on all of the roles, from admin to marketing, to accountant, to CEO. And for a startup, this is going to be one of the best things to do. It helps them to see the business start, learn different aspects of the business and know it all inside-out. But as things grow, it will be such a struggle to carry on doing it all by yourselves; you need employees to help the business to develop so that the critical business making decisions can be done by you.

For a small business, what are the best roles to be recruiting for as your business grows? And do you have a plan in place for the recruitment tools that you will use to make sure that you can hire the best talent? Here are some of the best hires that you can make so that your business can continue to grow.

 Photo Credit: energepic.com

Photo Credit: energepic.com

Marketing Expert

Unless you are an expert in marketing from previous work that you have done, you need to get a professional on the team. Marketing is really key to helping your business to grow, both online and offline. And in an industry that is ever-changing thanks to how much the internet is changing, having someone who knows what they are doing will be vital to helping to market your business well and promote it to go from strength to strength.

Sales Representative

If the business has honed the products or services that it is going to sell, and you have someone that is going to cover marketing (and put a plan in place to execute it), it means that it will be time to add sales representatives to the business. They are going to be the people (or person) that are going to speak to your target audience to help sell the products to them. They can be vital in pitching to retailers if that is your business, as well as getting leads and network connections. Someone with experience is going to be ready to throw, sell, and expand.

Business Manager

If you want your business to grow but are new to it all, then it is a good idea to get a business manager to help things to run smoothly. This person can help the marketing and sales team, as they will complement what they are doing and they’ll all work alongside each other. Someone with a background in data or analysis can be a good idea, as they can take the information about your business, and look at the ways that you could cut back, or perhaps spend more for business growth.

This is just the start as your business takes off, because as the business gets bigger, so will your team. And professionals from human resources to finance will all be required for business growth.

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