4 Guaranteed Secrets To Solving Your Business-Profit Equation

On the surface, the basic equation used to define business success seems simple. It's all about bringing in more than you spend, and whatever is left over is profit. Of course, in reality achieving and managing this can be anything but smooth; otherwise, every business that opened would succeed. However, there are some smart tactics in the post below that can help you achieve this goal. Just keep reading to find out more. 

 Photo Credit: Pic Jumbo

Photo Credit: Pic Jumbo

Increase your leads 

One way to stack the odds in favor of success when it comes to the business-profit equations in to increase the number of leads you have coming in. Leads can be ‘warm’, which means the person has already shown some interest in your company or service or 'cold' which means you are starting from scratch. Of course, cold leads are, as a rule, much harder to convert without very aggressive sales techniques, and as such are often avoided.  

It is possible to increase the number of warm leads that are incoming in several ways. Firstly, why not consider increasing potential customer engagement? This can be done in a variety way including through social media, creating interactive content like live videos, games, and quizzes and even by setting up free webinars and courses. The idea behind these methods is that it offers something to those that are aligned with your field for free. Therefore creating not only positive regard regarding your brand, but they also allow you to collect customer contact information which you can use as a warm lead to follow up on at a later date. 


Another critical aspect of increasing the flow of leads to your business is to ensure that the content you are creating is precisely aligned with the demographic you are looking to appeal to. In fact, contemporary thinking in online marketing suggests that appealing to a smaller niche audience is a much more effective way of securing worthwhile warm leads that can be converted to sales later. A task that is essential if profit is your goal. 

Close more sales 

Of course, it can be practically raining leads, but if you don't have the strategies to close these, it will still not help your businesses-profit equation come out favorably. Therefore it is essential that you provide accurate guidance not only your marketing department but also your sale team as well. 


Luckily, getting them to focus on specific tactics such as defining the unique selling proposition that your company has can help them to increase their closure rate. Also, be aware that even online, simple tactics such as making timed special offers and offering old and new customers similar deals can make all the difference in achieving those sales targets. Something that then, in turn, will help you to tip the balance of your business-profit equations and help ensure success. 

Decrease your overheads 

Next, when it comes to making a profit, it's crucial that you review your outgoings and cut costs where possible. Of course, this must be done sensibly, because if you cut too much the quality of your product will decrease, as well as the motivation of your team, and this can do more harm than good. 

One way to cut costs sensibly is to take some time to re-negotiate prices with your current suppliers. This doesn't have to be a hostile negotiation either, and it's vital that you remain on good terms if they are going to continue to fulfill your needs in the long run. 

In fact, to be successful here, all you need to do is highlight that you have been with them for a while and that you pay your bill on time, and purchase significant amount from them which works for both material supplies and ones that are focused on utilities. Then you will probably find they can offer you a more favorable rate as they will want to retain your business. 

Also, remember that making smart financial decisions can help you cut your business overheads as well. In particular, paying for everyday supplies for your office and business could be costing you a great deal when you add up the balance at the end of the month. 

One area in which this is often the case is office equipment such as computers, printers, and photocopiers. Luckily, it is often possible to reduce this cost by leasing such items instead of buying them outright. Something that will also give you access to upgrades much more quickly and cheaply as well. 


Even the cost of the fundamental items that you buy for your business like coffee, cookies, and snacks can add up over time, but there are ways to recoup from these expenses. One method is to pick a single retailer to shop with and then sign up for their credit based store card which includes cash back deals. One such card is the Costco Citi Card which offers up to 4% back on purchases, as well as cashback on travel and fuel too. All of which could produce significant savings for your business, and help you to make it into the profit side of the equation, when added up over a financial year.  The saving you make on basis can all add up and contribute to being in profit. 

Increase your prices 

Lastly, when it comes to profit, it can be beneficial to increase the retail prices of your product or service, by a small amount. I'm talking around 2-5% here and no more. Otherwise, customer expectations will also rise, and that means you could find yourself with a backlash on your hands if you are not prepared to increase the value of your offering(s).

However, a small increase is usually acceptable to the customer, especially if they have been buying your product for a while, and are pleased with its performance or quality. 

Of course, managing customer reactions with marketing, and even underlying the quality features of your product can also help mitigate any problems with a price increase. A tactic which can, when used in conjunction with the others mentioned above, help your business to err less to the loss side of the business equation and more to the profit. 


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