5 Excellent Ways To Retain Your Employees

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

There is a common theme that everyone notices in a business, and that is the high turnover. When you head to a restaurant and you’re a regular, you notice when the wait staff isn’t the same as last month. When a business has a high turnover, it’s often because they’re not looking after their staff: people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad unprofessional management. Hiring staff that will stay loyal to your business isn’t always easy, but it’s how you create a workforce that is strongthat counts the most.
You can work on the way that you treat your employees; you do have to pay them a minimum wage and/or market rate, especially, if your company is already making money. You have to remember to follow employment regulations and rules so that you don’t end up with professionals  advocating for employee rights by marching outside your front your door. If you want to work on retaining your employees and you are struggling for ideas, check out the tips below:

 Photo Credit: Dane Deaner

Photo Credit: Dane Deaner

Benefits Packages

When you offer a benefits package to staff, you need to really think about what you’re offering. People are different, so what fits one person won’t fit them all. If you understand this, then you can easily provide the right combination of benefits for your employees. Going above and beyond here can help employees to feel cared for and walk away believing you actually care about their lives outside the four walls of the office.

Little Perks

On top of the basic benefits package, you could start offering small perks. Free food and drinks during shifts, for example, is a huge draw for a lot of staff. You could also offer the chance to work flexibly, with half their time working from home and the other half in the office.

 Photo Credit: Bethany Stephens

Photo Credit: Bethany Stephens

Goal Spotting

If you are hoping that your staff will stay with you, you need to keep up with their goals and dreams. Schedule meetings regularly to make sure that your staff are happy as individuals, and work with them to keep them feeling as happy as possible. Figure out their goals and help them to work towards them.

Offer Praise

You can’t just pay people to stay on board. They need those pats on the back and the attention to let them know they are working well to stay motivated and passionate about their job. A high salary is great, but the acknowledgment that they are doing their job right is priceless for confidence and self-esteem.


When you can, promote from within your company. You are bringing on people who want to develop and learn, and if you are offering this opportunity at a basic level, you should aim to help them enhance their careers with you, too. This can really encourage people to stay with you because they’ll have something to work for.

Your staff is going to have lives to live outside of your business, so if you encourage their lives, you are going to encourage them to stay with you and retain them for years to come.


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