5 Fantastic Pieces You'll Love From Work to Weekend

5 Fantastic Pieces You'll Love From Work to Weekend.png

The seasons are changing and so must your wardrobe. Time to swap out the lighter, bright, summery fabrics, for richer textures, materials, and layers. Since your wardrobe tends to be business casual to traditional business, you don't often get the opportunity to embrace the full sartorial spectrum as some of your creative counterparts. 

But, have no fear. Just because you have to be more buttoned up and pulled up to collect your coins, doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. You're just more stylish. One of the things I really try to emphasize in my wardrobe is fit and cut. You will always look pulled together if you are wearing great fitting clothes that look like they were cut for your body. Once you have that foundation, add your signature style effects to make even the most uniform and mundane looks uniquely yours.

While this seems easier to do in the summer months, don't be fooled. The fall offers its own distinct fashion pleasures---if you pay attention to the details. Here is where you can take fit and cut, plus your unique style, and add your personal choices to layer yourself into one chic boss!

Check out these 5 chic pieces that will get you started down your office fashion runway.


1. Quilted Jacket

Women's Check Detail Diamond Quilted Jacket


Men's Four-Pocket Quilted Jacket



2. Cashmere Sweater

Women's Gustano Cashmere Sweater


Men's Loro Piana Roadster Half-zip Cashmere Sweater



3. Shoes

Women's Everlane The Modern Loafer


Men's Peter Millar Bit Loafer



4. Blazer

Women's Theory Off-The-Shoulder Crepe Jacket


Men's Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Two-Button Blazer


5. Accessories

Mz Wallace Large Sutton Tote


EO Duffel Bag



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