5 More Reasons to Reward Your Employees

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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Employees will respond well to a show of appreciation for their efforts as it shows you have recognized their hard work. Just saying thank you can mean a lot to them, but a reward goes down well too.

Increased Productivity

A happy staff that enjoys their work will always be more productive. Some businesses put reward schemes in place towards this aim, and others just reward when they feel an extra effort has been made. Whichever you do will help to increase production, as your employees will feel more motivated to perform their best.

Research has shown that is your staff works as a team the productivity level increases. To reward the whole team, corporate rewards could be the answer. There is a vast range of these from wall plaques to medals, available from Martin Awards. That means there is sure to be something suitable to reward your employees with.

Job Satisfaction

For employees, it is good to know that the job they are doing is valuable to your company, no matter what it is they do, as long as they do it well. If the worker feels they are making a difference because you have rewarded them it shows the importance of their tasks.

Loyalty To You And Your Business

Appreciation can make employees feel they are working with you rather than for you, and this creates loyalty for both you and your business. They will promote your brand far better than someone who does not care about it. The loyalty rewards can help to generate makes them feel a bond with your business, and that has to be a good thing.

Staff Turnover

If your staff feel unappreciated they are far more likely to move onto another job.  A high turnover of staff leads to a low morale and that will not be any good at all for your business. Apart from the time you have to spend finding replacements, there is the effort put into training and the loss in production while they are learning.

It makes economic sense to retain your staff, and rewarding them can provide another reason for them to stay.

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Types Of Useful Awards

One of the most common awards is for long service, but it is up to you to determine how long that needs to be. With such a volatile marketplace, some companies do this after 5 years, and for every 5 years from then on. Each award gets a little better than the one before.

Rewards for achieving goals are popular as well. You just need to be careful with these that the goals set are not unrealistic, or the staff will give up before they start.

Special occasions, such as Christmas are also used as a time to say thank you to your workers, and that show of appreciation once a year can mean a lot to your employees.

Instant recognition rewards are when someone or a team go above and beyond to help your business and then they deserve something special as a thank you.

Whatever the reason and whatever the rewards, the costs are far outweighed by the benefits.


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