Are You The Leader You Were Meant To Be?

If you’re the boss of your company, or you’re in a senior management position where you work, you’re going to need to get the leadership element down to an art. You’re going to need to know how your team works, what you can do to foster their development, how to set up boundaries and keep them, and how to walk the line between being the boss and being a friend. And that’s a hard balance to try and find.

But it’s one that you can accomplish with a little help, especially if you’re in your career for the long haul. Here’s a couple of tips on getting yourself into the mindset of being a great leader.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Take on Challenges

We all experience challenges at work, and the boss is usually the person we find the most challenging. But if you are the boss, you’re going to need to instruct your own team on how to handle difficult situations, and then make sure you’re listening as much as you’re talking. But most of all, you’re going to need to be the first person in your team that’s willing to take on challenges when they come up.

And if you’re someone who always has an issue with risk, whether it be a lack of confidence or the know-how to take on a situation or a customer that just won’t stop complaining at the service desk, look into some management skills training to help you out. Even if you know how to deal with these things, it’ll be a great way to bulk out your CV.

Be Trustworthy

As the leader of a team, you’re going to want your teammates to trust you. If they don’t, you’re never going to know where you stand with them. So if you see someone, you’re in charge of struggling with their work, or they’ve been left bereft with someone else’s task, be sure to step in to see if you can help them out. And make sure your actions here have no reflection on their work as your employee!

Ask your team about their day, how their families are doing, or whether they’ve managed to close a deal you trusted them with, or if they’d rather you step in. Make yourself easy to talk to, and you’ll have a loyal workforce on your hands.

Manage Your Emotions

In a professional setting, no one should lose their temper. When they do it does highlight that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Either, they’re not cut out for the environment around them, need to develop their emotional intelligence, or the environment needs to change. Since, only two of these things are under your control as a manager and can be addressed immediately than it is incumbent that you do what you can to fix it. So if you’re finding yourself getting angry from time to time, or you’re easily frustrated in the workplace, start to work on your emotional intelligence and coping mechanisms.

Being a leader involves making some hard decisions, but make sure your workplace personality doesn’t come across equally as hard.


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