Common Productivity Mistakes Your Team Actually Make

Making your team as productive as possible is essential if you’re going to ensure your business is reaching your goals and not wasting valuable time and resources.

Many employees waste time on things like social media each day, and when you add up the time each employee has likely spent doing stuff like this, it can shock you into making a change. Even if every employee only spent half an hour per day scrolling social media at a rate of say, $15 per hour, with just 20 employees that would cost you $150 per day. Per DAY! 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the productivity mistakes your team could be making.

Photo Credit:  Daria Nepriakhina

Photo Credit: Daria Nepriakhina

Attempting To Multitask

If your team is regularly multitasking, they might feel like they are getting more done, but in reality, they are likely working much, much slower than they would be if they were just to focus on one task at a time. Studies have shown that focusing on one task is much more effective than attempting to do a few at once. Discourage multitasking in the workplace, and let your staff know what a drain on productivity they can be.

Taking Care Of Tasks That Are Outside Their Area Of Expertise

Delegation is important, but you should not be delegating tasks to your employees that are outside their area of expertise. For instance, it shouldn’t usually be down to a member of your team to deal with IT downtime. You should be outsourcing this task to a professional IT Consulting Company to get the job done faster and to a higher standard. It’s important to have a good idea of what you should delegate and what should be outsourced or automated.

Checking Emails Too Often

Checking emails too often is another huge productivity killer. Both emails and social media can take up too much time - not only this, they can fill a worker’s head with irrelevant information, make it fuzzy, and hinder their focus. Having set times to check emails can combat this.

Making Calls To Drum Up Business

If your business is still making calls to drum up more clients, you’re likely losing money and wasting resources. 

Not Taking Breaks

Your team might think that the longer they sit and work the harder and better they are working, but this is rarely the case. Taking regular breaks have actually been proven to be far more effective for things like motivation and memory retention.

Spending Too Much Time In Meetings

If you have a big team and you’re forcing everybody to attend meetings that are irrelevant to their work, your productivity is floundering. You should only be having meetings if they are absolutely necessary - sometimes, an email can do just as good a job. There’s also software that allows open collaboration so that your team knows what needs to be done without letting crossed wires get in the way. 

Is your team making some of these dreaded productivity mistakes?

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