Conquer These 3 Freelance Myths That Are Blocking Your Dream

Working for yourself is a dream most of us harbor. Who wouldn’t want to choose their own working hours and office space? Not to mention that freelancing is sometimes our only bet to following the careers of our dreams. While employers may turn you away due to lack of experience, freelance work allows you to find jobs through other outlets.

Of course, freelance work has seen an undeniable boom in recent years. Some studies suggest that freelancers now make up 35% of the U.S. workforce. But, there are still plenty who wish they could live this life without ever taking the plunge. Millions around the planet are now managing their business from home, but some of us still can’t face parting from traditional employment.

While the reasons for reluctance vary, there are some common factors behind this. The reality is, though, that your freelance dreams deserve pursuing. To help you go after them, let’s disprove three primary excuses against this lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Ellyot

Photo Credit: Ellyot

I don’t have a good enough idea

There’s no denying that freelancers a few years ago needed ideas. Freelancing then was about bringing new products to the market or offering specific skill sets. Now, doing freelance work doesn’t have to mean fantastic business ideas. Instead, there's the possibility of making money through blogging or YouTube. We all have areas of interest, for instance. If you love food, you could start a cooking channel on YouTube. If you’re into fashion, why not try a fashion blog? These are already aspects of your personality. Using them is all it takes to transition to freelancing.

I don’t have the discipline

Before you go freelance, it seems like people who manage this lifestyle have wills of steel. You can’t imagine ever motivating yourself enough to get up and work without a boss. In truth, though, this is a falsehood to some extent. While you wouldn’t have a boss to urge you on, you would have bills and rent to pay. The simple fact is that freelancers have no choice but to force productivity. Otherwise, they don’t make money. Even if you did struggle a little with discipline, there are plenty of outlets to help. Sites like Productive Or Not offer practical advice on this issue. There are even internet blocking sites out there to help you get your head down. Over time, though, you’ll come to find that there isn’t even an option not to get down to work.

I don’t have space

There’s no denying that a decent home office can help the freelance life. But, don’t think that not having one means you can’t give this a go. Freelancers often work in all manner of weird and wonderful places. Some transform closets into offices. Others squeeze their desks behind the kitchen door. You may even end up investing in a summer house and working in the garden. The point is, you can make this work anywhere if you have the will to do it. So, really; what are you waiting for?


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