Could An Underlying Computer Virus Be Killing Your Business Reputation?

 Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

We know what you’re thinking. You already know all about the risk of computer viruses for your company, right? This stuff is basic knowledge in online business, so why don’t we get with the times already? And, we feel you. There’s a good chance you have done your research into this topic. How else did you stand any chance at building those trusting customer relationships?

In truth, though, breaches in computer safety aren’t always as apparent as you might currently think. And, they can do a lot more damage than you may realize. As well as ruining your computer systems and customer trust, an underlying virus can kill your reputation. So, instead of looking at surface viruses which send your systems into obvious disarray, you should turn to the Managed IT Services offered by a company like ARK Solvers. By monitoring your systems, they can spot and tackle less apparent viruses before they become deadly. And, that can save your reputation from the following life-threatening situations.

Stealing customer information

Okay, so you may already know something about this. The theft of customer information is the most worrying thing about computer viruses. But, while an upfront virus may steal card details, an underlying one could do a load more damage. Instead of being out in the open, a virus like this will watch your customer interactions over an extended period. They’ll gain access to your computer, rather than just your online store. They could then access to all the information you have. Aside from card details, this will include addresses and phone numbers. Worst of all, you may not know it’s happening. At least, not if you don’t put precautions in place. It could go on for months or even years, and you would never know about it. So, make sure to put precautions in place.

Sending viruses in your name

Some malware also works by sending further viruses from infected computers. Admittedly, this is usually less of a targeted attack, but it could still leave your reputation on life support. By gaining access to your system, the malware can send emails containing further viruses. These emails will appear under your name and are sure to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of anyone who opens them. This kind of thing is difficult to come back from and will see customers reluctant to open emails from you in future. Instead, then, put the security measures mentioned above in place. It’s also worth restricting employee access to some web pages. This type of malware is often picked up from clicking on pop-ups and undesirable links.

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Altering your website information

A more subtle computer virus could also give hackers access to your website. From there, they would be in a position to alter and change things on your web page itself. All without detection. If a hacker replaced your product descriptions with foul language, every customer would see it. Worse, they'd blame you. Make sure it doesn’t happen by tracking your systems! 


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