How to Make New Recruits Want to Work for You...Job Perks

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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When you start to hire new employees for your team, you need to make sure that your open positions look as appealing as possible. That way, you will get all the best talent applying to work for your company rather than your competitors. In short, your marketing copy needs to be just as good in your job advertisements as anywhere else. For most, that means you need to provide enough job perks and benefits to make the job and your company sounds appealing. Not too sure what job hunters look for when they are in the market for a new position? Don’t worry; here’s a quick round-up of all the job perks that new recruits will want from your company.

 Photo Credit: Ian Schneider

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider

Full Health Insurance

First of all, lots of employees want to see good health insurance. Many people would struggle to afford top-quality health insurance for their whole family on their own so they will be more inclined to apply for a job that provides them with full health insurance. It’s also worth offering some form of cover for their partner and children as well. Some of your competitors will offer this kind of whole-family cover, so it’s necessary to try and match them. Ideally, though, you need to beat what they offer if you want to attract all the best applicants! Most employees for your positions come up an expectation that they will receive this as a benefit. So, work with your benefits administrator and plan to make sure you have the best policy and coverage you can afford.

Gender Equality

Lots of people are now aware that there is a lot of gender equality in most industries and professional sectors. Because of this increase in awareness, more and more people are only interested in applying to work at companies that offer good gender equality. That means you need to pay your male and female workers the same wage for carrying out the same jobs. You should also expect to be open when it comes to salaries, as most people now expect transparency in all firms.

Plenty Of Time Off

You have a legal obligation to offer your employees the minimum number of statutory days off for vacations. However, the minimum number is very low, so most businesses offer a few more than this. You might want to consider being very generous with the time off offered to employees as this is one of the main benefits that they will compare between the companies they apply to. Believe me, there is a method to Netflix unlimited vacation days madness. 

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Access To Legal Help

Some companies allow their workers access to their lawyers if they ever need legal help in their personal lives. For instance, an employee might need to speak to a personal injury attorney or want some advice about a divorce. This can be very expensive for them to get privately, so help from the company’s legal advisor is always very much appreciated.

Social Benefits

People don’t just go to work to earn a salary. They also go so that they can form a social connection with their co-workers and make lifelong friends. Lots of companies now understand the importance of encouraging friendships in the workplace, so host social evenings and team-building events. Make sure you have some planned into your calendar, as lots of companies now want a packed social life through their work.

Once you offer all these perks, you will attract the best job candidates!


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