How to Make Your Retail Store Irresistibly More Memorable

 Photo Credit: Marcin Kempa

Photo Credit: Marcin Kempa

Everyone that has their own brand knows the importance of repeat business. It’s getting people to keep buying your products. Keep customers returning to your service and keep popping back to your website. But that challenge doubles-down when you have a brick and mortar retail store. You’re not just trying to get people to come back, you’ve got to try and attract them in the first place, making sure your physical space draws in all the foot traffic as possible, and the best way to do that is through appearances. 

Think of yourself as a Hollywood stylist. Your aim is to make the most of the person sitting in your chair using what they already have to look their best. So, with that in mind, here are some clever ways to turn more heads and increase the pitter-patter of shopaholics walking through your door. 

Maintain Your Magical Frontage

In a world of depleted attention spans, first impressions have never been more important, which is why you need to have a well-maintained curb appeal. That means clean windows, freshly painted frames, and a wow-factor front door. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

 Photo Credit: Modern Affliction

Photo Credit: Modern Affliction

Go Beyond Everyday Window Displays

Your window display is what will make people look twice, but it’s the added extras that will make them walk through your door. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. In fact, just a sandwich board that welcomes people with a witty message or a sign that alludes to something special happening inside is all it takes. Let’s say you have a vintage fashion store. Well, pop a sign outside that says something like, “I see you’re not wearing any jewelry, although that’s none of my business.”

 Photo Credit: Tom Grimbert

Photo Credit: Tom Grimbert

Leave A Lasting Impression Inside

From the moment someone steps through the door and here’s that bell ring, you want them to be totally awe-inspired. You want them to be struck by a tidal wave of wow moments that assault their senses. Have an uplifting a funky playlist dancing from the speakers. Another great way to woo people is through their senses. Emotional marketing and/or branding are powerful, especially for retailers. Think of Starbucks, they've made buying coffee and experience. You can do the same using scent marketing. Using the senses to create an emotional connection with your customer will create a deeper and longer lasting resonance with your customer. The key is to get the scents right depending on your audience. I'd suggest you speak to the folks at aromatechsystems.com who are really good at this to help you decide how to implement it into your business. Additionally, you should make your displays look divine and have cool moments on your wall - old bicycles, vinyl, prints, anything. It all helps. 

People Are Coming, Look Busy

One thing most store owners fail to notice is the role their staff play, but if you have a large window that shoppers can look into, then you need to expect your associate's behavior might affect people’s decision to drop in. You don’t want them to look bored and stand around as it will turn off all those potential customers who are thinking about stopping by. It’s so important your employees think about how they present themselves and act, even if there aren’t any customers strolling the aisles of the shop. You want them to be welcoming and busy and smiley at all times. 

Getting people to walk into your store is an art that requires mindfulness in order to master it. Don’t forget that.


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