How to Recognize Talent When Hiring Staff

 Photo Credit: Christina Morillo

Photo Credit: Christina Morillo

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As a small business owner, you’re going to want to take on the best of the best when it comes to employing members of staff. This isn’t all too surprising. After all, it’s highly likely that you have a lower budget than larger companies and the majority of small business owners feel that they’d rather take on the extra work themselves than pay an incompetent or inefficient staff member to do it on their behalf. So, how can you go about securing the cream of the crop? Here are just a few steps that you can take to source the highest quality employees out there.

 Photo Credit: Christina Morillo

Photo Credit: Christina Morillo

Checking Qualifications

When advertising a job role, you should request that candidates include their qualifications on their resume. Anyone who has impressive qualifications shouldn’t have a problem with this. In fact, they’ll probably be more than willing to show off their achievements. Now, there are a few different qualifications that you should look out for in particular. First, you should seek individuals who have academic qualifications relating to the area that the job role specializes in. If you’re looking for an accountant, you will want someone with a CPA, CMA, CIA or ACCA. These are all official accountancy qualifications which show that the holder is trained and competent in the demands entailed with an accounting position. If you are looking for someone to conduct in-depth research for your company, seek out a candidate with a research-rich history, having attained a bachelor’s in English Literature, or History. You should, however, also consider non-academic qualifications. If someone has undertaken an apprenticeship or more hands-on course pertaining to an area you’re hiring in, this will be equally desirable, as not only will they have the relevant education, but they will have experience too.

Acknowledge Overseas Qualifications

We are more than familiar with how qualifications work in our own countries - we know what the different courses on offer will endow students with and what different grades mean. However, finding out what overseas qualifications say about the holder can be a little more difficult. It is worth conducting research into though, as you don’t want to miss out on a great staff member through sheer laziness. Also look out for overseas candidates who fall into tier 1 exceptional talent. These individuals hold a VISA to work in the country based on their exceptional skills and are consequently extremely desirable employees.

 Offer Perks

The best employees are going to be aware of their worth and will expect a few perks to come hand in hand with their position. If you are offering the lowest wage possible and no employee benefits, you can expect that the best employees are going to turn down your offer and walk into more preferable positions elsewhere. So offer them an incentive to choose your company over the rest! This could be better pay, more holiday, bigger potential bonuses, or any other positive offer.

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These are just a few different steps that you should take when searching for new staff to ensure that you get the best employees out there. This will significantly benefit your company, so invest the extra time and effort into your recruitment process!


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