How To Work Less And Do More

Ah, the Holy Grail of a successful career. We all wish we could be the guy or girl who sits at the head of the table and lets their minions do the hard work. Alas, you’ve got to work your ass off to get to this position. At least, that’s what most people think.

The simple truth is that you can carve out an excellent career without breaking into a sweat. Sure, you’ll need to be focused and driven, but those 100 hour weeks are droppable. Forget the number because it doesn’t need to be a part of your vocabulary any longer. Hooray!

Here are the four reasons why.

 Photo Credit: Mr Lee

Photo Credit: Mr Lee

Stop Procrastinating

The reason you’re working harder than you should is that you’re not working in the first place. Yep, you’ve got a classic case of the procrastinators and you’ve got it bad. Don’t go to a doctor as they’ll laugh you out of their office. Even people with doctorates don’t understand this condition yet. Instead, get rid of the distractions which force you to sideline your duties. Start by putting the cell on “do not disturb” mode so messages and gifs don’t pop up. Then, ban social media until it’s time for a break. Watching YouTube videos isn’t productive.

Tip: Now, it may be helpful to seek a therapist if you find that no matter what you do you can't seem to focus--there might be an underlying reason why you can't (such as avoidance, perfectionism, fear of failure or success, etc.)


Understand Technology

Tech is a huge help in certain circumstances. However, it only saves time and energy when you know what to do at the correct moments. Fumbling around like a 16-year-old teenager isn’t going to boost your output. Still, lots of people channel their inner teenager and learn on the job. It’s a massive mistake. Instead, take the time outside of the office to understand the ins and outs of the software. Then, you’ll be as efficient as ever when you are in the workplace. Don’t think of it as work but as research for the future.



An alternative is to outsource the things you can’t do to an expert. Some people see this as lazy and cheating, but it’s a smart move. First of all, a managed service provider can fill in the gaps in your knowledge. And, let’s face facts and admit there are a few. After all, your familiarity is narrowed in a particular area. Secondly, it cuts out the mistakes. As soon as you make an error, you need to go back and fix it which is a waste of time. With professional IT services, there is no need to play with the bandwidth.

Build Strong Relationships

Anyone who thinks they can go it alone is mistaken. Whatever industry you're in revolves around favors, giving and receiving. Therefore, it’s essential to have people you rely on who can share the load when the time is right. You may assume they won’t lend a hand, but they will if they know they can do the same further down the line. Think about it successful people are usually surrounded by a great team, they may be the boss, but they surround themselves with the right people who can help them succeed.

Does the idea of working less and doing more sound appealing? Then what’s stopping you from making a change?


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