Want Power? First, Know When To Say Yes/No At Work

Everybody wants power, but it’s important to remember it comes at a cost. Yes, there will be a pay rise in the offing, yet it may not be worth it depending on the outcome.

Some people have to work long hours and deal with a whole host of new issues for a pittance each month. It’s clear that in this circumstance, the answer should be no thank you.

But, there are times when saying yes works in your favor. It’s a delicate balance to strike, and one which needs careful consideration. Below are the things to factor into your decision.

Photo Credit: geralt

Photo Credit: geralt

Will Your Job Role Suffer?

Due to budget cuts and a lack of financing, employers try and retrain their staff so that they don’t have to recruit replacements. Multitasking is a cheap and efficient way for them to save money, yet it doesn’t mean you’ll get much leeway. Bosses expect workers to perform to the same standard while accepting new responsibilities. If you don’t think it’s possible, the answer should be a firm no. There will be perks, but the main downside is your accountability. The buck stops with one person, and that can put you in a vulnerable position.

Is There An Exit Strategy?

Employees take on “temporary” roles and end up doing the job for months or years. If there isn’t anybody to replace you, the management team won’t let you pass off the position. “Don’t worry,” they’ll say, “we’ll sort it out soon.” In reality, they’re happy to let you continue in the post for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the scope of the task, the people you’ll be working with, and their capabilities. As long as everything is legitimate, there shouldn’t be a problem saying yes.

Is It Someone Else’s Job?

Sometimes, bosses will try and pass the buck on responsibilities that have nothing to do with you, your role, and many times even the purpose of your team. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a colleague who is shirking their duties. Managers may not understand the benefits of hiring a third party to complete the task. So, they drop the responsibility at your door. For instance, you may get pulled into a data backup and cybersecurity project that really should be left to managed IT services as they are experts with experience. Not only that, they are affordable and maintain a high level of quality. Never be afraid to point out to a boss that the task isn’t yours and needs passing on to another person.

Will It Add To Your Resume?

When it does, it’s the perfect time to say yes and to get your work in front of influential people who make decisions. For example, there may be a sales pitch the boss wants you to lead. Great; create the best one possible and impress clients and the company with your presentation. Anything which doesn’t add to your skill set is a waste of time. Can you sort out old files? You can, but you’re not going to because you have more important duties to complete.

Understanding when to say yes and no is about learning when to take your risk and jump at new opportunities.

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