These Are Still 2 Powerful Ways To Market Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business, you need to think big. You need to think about creating an impression that will catch the hearts and minds of potential customers and win them over to your side.

To do that you should consider marketing strategies that will make an impact, and not fizzle out with little or no result. In short, you need to think about compelling ways to market your business.

Such as?

Photo Credit: Jens Kreuter

Photo Credit: Jens Kreuter

The power of the big screen

There is a lot of focus on digital marketing these days, where we, as business owners, are encouraged to market our business to those people who are glued to their smaller screens, such as smartphones and tablets. And we should; if the people are living in the virtual world, then we should meet them where they are. However, there are other ways to catch your potential customer's attention. Don't forget the power of television. When people aren't glued to Facebook, they are glued to their favorite television shows, and you can use that to your advantage. Using a tv advertising company, ensure your business is given the attention it deserves during ad breaks. With a catchy slogan, memorable tune, and a captivating story on screen, news of your business will be spread to the masses. 

And then think bigger!  Cinemas often show ads for local companies, so take the tv ad to an even larger screen by contacting your local cinema chain to request ad space. Sure, there will be an expense, but provided your ad is shown before a popular film, you are guaranteed to get the wide attention your business deserves.

The power of local media

In business, your reputation matters. If you do something unethical or downright criminal, the local news media will have a field day. A bad word will spread in newspapers and television, and your reputation will plummet. That's the negative side of the press, but on the positive side, you can do something that will attract positive attention. Should you do something good for the community, you might grab yourself a favorable headline. If you can orchestrate a publicity stunt, the news cameras will soon be rolling. If your business wins an award, you can contact local media sources to ask them to showcase your achievement. And if you are preparing for a product launch, invite local reporters along to cover news of this exciting event.

Photo Credit: AbsolutVision

Photo Credit: AbsolutVision

So, think about what you can do. Are there any charities you can support? Could you take inspiration from one of these publicity stunts? Should you be putting your name forward for local or international business contests? With positive media coverage in both newspapers and on the television, your business will be seen by many. Five minutes of fame can mean a lifetime of customers, so consider how you can use the media to your advantage to powerfully market your business.

In your business, don't think small. Consider our suggestions in this article, and think about other ways to powerfully market your business to create a lasting impression to as many people as possible. Think big, and your company might grow in tandem!

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