Sales Crash Course: 4 Proven Ways To Actually Increase Sales

 Photo Credit: Charisse Kenion

Photo Credit: Charisse Kenion

Small businesses rely on sales for their success, whether it is a product or service that they are offering. With that in mind, any tactic that can increase sales is important because, with it, your small business's probability for success will grow. Luckily, you will find four tactics below that can help you close more deals, not just once, but continuously for positive business growth. Read on to find out what they are. 

Boost morale 

If you are using sales or customer service staff in your small business, then, boosting morale and getting them to work as hard and effectively as possible is vital for sales. Why? Well, if you ever tried to complete a task where you have to convince someone to take action when you have felt demotivated, fed up, and exhausted, you will know that it makes the job ten times harder and reduces the possibility of a successful outcome significantly.

Of course, as it is a positive outcome that sale and customer services are concerns with, your job as an employer is to keep morale as high as possible to facilitate this. Something that you can do by providing a conducive and comfortable place to work, encouraging useful and productive communication between staff, incentivizing them for a job well done, and dealing with any instances of gossip and bullying swiftly, so they don't undo your good work. 

After all, if you can help to keep your workers happy, that will have the knock-on effect of making them even better at assisting and selling to your customers.

Advertise your USP

The USPs or unique selling points of your business are the things that you do better than anybody else. Among other things, USPs may be fast delivery speed, excellent customer service as mentioned above, exclusive access to a product, or a reliable brand that people could put their faith in. 

Of course, it's better if it's all of these or as many strong positives as you can come up with, as your USP is something that will help convince customers to spend their money with you, rather than your competitors. 

Of course, you will want to advertise your USPs as well clearly, and that means displaying them on your website in the way that best suits your target demographic, as well as in your marketing literature, and even in your paid advertising. Then, you will stand a much better chance of getting customers to shop with you, something that can significantly affect your sales figures. 

Offer a good returns policy 

Something that many companies forget is that to sell as much as possible, they need to offer easy returns. After all, there is nothing so frustrating as having to pay to send an item back if you don't like it, or even worse if there is something wrong with it. 

In fact, such things are usually associated with smaller, less established companies and cannot only frustrate and annoy customers, stopping the reordering but also create problems with the perception of your brand. 

With that in mind free returns are a must, and if they can be collected directly from the customer or at a convenient pickup point, then it's even better. Regarding return periods, offering a 30, 60, or 90-day money back guarantee for returns can also encourage customer confidence in a product, something that can help them to buy in the first place, and so increase your sales. 

Use a funnel system

Lastly, another significant way to increase sales in your small business is to maximize your online sales potential. The principal method for doing this is to create a website that has a sales funnel system. 

What this means is that whatever stage a customer is at you direct them to complete a conversion such as filling in a form, downloading a document, watching a video, of making a sale. 

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel   Capture useful data and encourage positive regard at every opportunity using a sales funnel system.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Capture useful data and encourage positive regard at every opportunity using a sales funnel system.

The idea behind such a system is that while not everyone will be ready to buy on their first visit you are using each hit on your site to maximum advantage. The reason being that you are fostering a positive relationship between you and the potential customer by providing them with things like useful information, entertainment, and advice. 

Something that creates a connection between them and your brand, and ensures that you will be the first company they think of when they do get to the buying stage. 

Of course, you will also have their contact details by using a funnel system, meaning you can add them to a warm lead list and send additional promotion material and offers. Something else that can help you secure a sale and if repeatedly done across all those visiting, help to boost your small businesses sales figures consistently. 


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