Stop Spinning Your Wheels: How to Fix Your Business Logistics

 Photo Credit: Dan Gold

Photo Credit: Dan Gold

Logistics are a crucial part of various companies on the market today. Simply put, logistics is the transfer of goods from your business to your customers and clients. Why is logistics such an important part of your business model? Look at online reviews, and you will find that a number of negative comments are directed at issues with deliveries. Either the driver wasn’t friendly, the delivery wasn’t made on time, or the customer wasn’t able to track the product. These are just some of the issues that you might have with the logistics side of your company. Luckily, I have some solutions for these issues. 

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Trouble With Tracking 

If you constantly find that your customers are complaining that they can’t track deliveries, why not change that. With the tech now available on the market, there’s really no excuse for not offering clients this possibility. You can add a tracking system to every car or vehicle that you are using on the road or even get a unique tracking code for each delivery. This will provide you with the information that clients want on deliveries. You can make sure that they can access this by using cloud software in your business model. 

Alternatively, simply make sure you are outsourcing logistics to a company that provides this capability. There are plenty to choose from on the market. 

Keeping Your Employees Safe

The other thing to think about is the safety of your employees when they are out on the road making deliveries. It’s important that they don’t feel pressured to drive as quickly as possible to reach a destination. You also need to make sure that they are taking breaks. Remember, fatigue is a common cause of collisions. Be aware some logistics employees are more at risk than others. For instance, your logistics service might involve moving documents around a city. If that’s the case, you could be using a motorcycle courier rather than a driver. It is recommended you read an article on motorcycle accidents so that you are aware of the danger here. At the very least you should make sure you have full insurance in case your employee is injured on the road. 

 Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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Cost Concerns

Another issue employers often encounter with logistics is the cost. It’s true, the cost can be considerable, particularly when you have a large fleet out on the road. There are two ways that you can think about cutting the cost. The first is outsourcing. If you outsource, do make sure that you get a company you trust and can rely on. Remember, if they deliver a poor quality service it reflects poorly on your business. Alternatively, make sure that the vehicles you use are as fuel efficient as possible. It might be time to think about looking into hybrid and electric vehicles. While the upfront cost may be considerable the savings you make in the long term will certainly be worth it. 

Hopefully, you find this information useful when looking for ways to fix logistics in your company. 


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