The Best Way To Handle Your Business Move

For many businesses, there comes the point at which a move of premises is inevitable. In some ways, this is positive: moves tend to signify beneficial developments, such as the expansion of the company or a move into a new, trendier area. However, while these benefits are undeniable, the actual process of the move can be extremely complex and stressful. 

If your business is due to move soon, the chances are that you have already started to worry about how you will manage the entire endeavor. To ensure the process is as simple as possible, below, we’ve put together a few “dos” and “don’ts” that you might want to keep in mind…

Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

DO… digitize important documents before moving 

It is almost inevitable that documents will be lost in the course of a move; a folder can be set down in the wrong place, accidentally left behind, or just lost track of when there is so much else going on. To guard against this, it’s helpful to digitize your most essential documents before the move, and then store the files on the cloud to ensure you’ll always have access to them. 

DON’T… leave packing until the last minute 

Many entrepreneurs delay the actual packing of the business until as late as possible so as not to disrupt the daily operations of the business. While this may seem like a sensible solution, it will inevitably lead to a last-minute rush that will inevitably lead to mistakes. To prevent this, pack as much as you can as soon as you can; this does mean the packing process technically takes longer, but it’s worth it for the higher levels of organization you should be able to achieve.

DO… hire professionals for heavy items

Moving an office is relatively simple, but many businesses also need to move heavy machinery or equipment when relocating to new premises. If this applies to you, then it’s important to make the right provisions for the safe transportation of these specialist items. You’ll need to ensure you find a removal service that is proficient at pulling flatbed trailers safely and efficiently so you can be sure there aren’t any mishaps, and your heavy items arrive at their new home in the best possible condition.

DON’T… overlook the need to inform your customers

Even the most organized of moves will likely lead to some disruption to your customers, so it’s helpful to warn them of this possibility as far in advance as you possibly can. Most customers will tolerate a blip in your usual high-quality service if they have been advised of such a possibility, so sending out a specific notice to your email list, posting on social media, and adding an update to your website is well worth doing to ensure relations continue to be friendly. 

In conclusion 

Moving a business is always extremely challenging; you will likely experience all the stress most of us expect when moving home but on a far larger scale. However, by keeping the “dos” and “don’ts” as described above in mind, you should be able to enjoy that your moving process is as simple as possible, and soon, your business will be established and thriving in its new location.


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