Top 5 Things You Need So Your Emails Don't Suck

 Photo Credit:  EveryGirlBoss.com

Photo Credit: EveryGirlBoss.com

When it comes to promoting your blog or business, email can seem like a great idea to get your content and products into the forefront of people’s minds. Emails can suck most of the time though, and I am sure you can imagine some instances where you have seen an email come through and just deleted it right away. So how do you make people read your emails? 

Create an Engaging Subject

The subject line of your email sets the tone for your whole email and it can make a big impression on your customer. So you need to get it right from the word go. Your subject line should be engaging, funny, or otherwise compelling to make your customer want to read the email. Avoid anything spammy and find a way of making your audience want to know more about what you have to say. 


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Provide Value

Value is important with an email, and each time you send out an email you should be thinking about the value you can bring to your audience. For example, think about sharing some top tips or some advice on life. Give your audience something that they can learn and something that they can use. This will make your audience appreciate you much more and it will also make them more likely to read your emails in the future in the hopes of more valuable content.

 Photo Credit: Ella Jardim

Photo Credit: Ella Jardim

Make it Brief

The last thing someone wants to see when they open an email is a 10,000-word essay. When creating content for your audience, keep it clear and keep it brief. Don’t go on for what will seem like hours and hours, and instead think about ways you can get your message across quickly. For example, you could think about using images and video to put across a message. 

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To connect with your audience better when sending an email to them, treat them like a friend that you're simply sharing good information with. Empathize with them and let them know they're not alone!


Make it Mobile friendly

When you are looking at different email newsletter templates to use for your email, you need to bear in mind that you need to make it mobile friendly. Up to 80% of your audience will open an email from their phone or tablet, so it is crucial that the format you use will load quickly and give a great read on small devices. You can usually check this in your email editor and you can send yourself a test email to see if the layout is right or not. 

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Be you 

The most important thing you can possibly do when sending out an email to your audience is to be yourself. You are your biggest marketing tool. You are a unique person who has a unique way of speaking, has had unique experiences, and has a unique story to tell. Make sure to play to your strengths and think about telling stories about your life, sharing your humor and being yourself. Your audience will appreciate the personality. Sharing who you are with your customers and will help them to build a positive relationship with you. You will gain a good reputation from this and you will be able to grow as a successful business. 


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