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One of the most important aspects of your business is sales. Sales are the foundation for your business because without them your business lacks credibility and it will soon cease to exist. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to know how to convert sales, produce sales, and repeat sales.

But, for many people getting sales is difficult. They don’t know how to reach their audience, they don’t know how to start a sales conversation, they just don’t like to sell. I can understand because selling doesn't come naturally to me and because of it I don't like to do it. I had to work with a coach to shift my mindset around sales and get to the root of why I hated selling so much.

It turned out that sales represented to me the stereotypical used-car salesman, the pushy salesclerk---manipulative people who pressured vulnerable people and played on their fears and insecurities to make them do things they didn't necessarily want to do or should do. Talk about a horror script. However, as I worked with the coach (because business coaches also have business coaches) he pointed out that I'd been selling my whole life! Sales is really about relationships and presenting information, products, or services to people in a way that answered their questions and met their needs. Whether good or bad, sales are about articulating the value that you provide to a consumer, it is up to the salesperson to decide how and by what means they choose to articulate that.

Think about it, when you applied to college or grad school, you were "selling" your education, skills, and fit to the school you were trying to enter. When you applied for jobs, you were "selling" expertise and experience to the potential employer. We have a negative connotation about sales because stereotypes tend to be popular and each time we see someone who fulfills a stereotype it reinforces that imagery even if it is not true for the majority. *Remember this, it is an important life lesson as well. Stereotypes can be true, that doesn't mean they are the truth.* However, we do not have to become the stereotype! We can choose to represent our businesses in a positive and ethical manner.

First, selling is not something that can be forced upon others. If the person you are pitching to says, “No,” most likely the answer will always be a "no." Someone else may say yes, but with each successive no your chances for a "yes" become more unlikely. Again, we don't want to be the stereotype. You have to respect that no and realize you do not want to do business with someone who gives you a negative response or need to do business with someone that isn't your ideal customer.

The 4 Selling Styles

Before we go any further, I want to highlight different styles of selling. This will help you especially if you are not comfortable with sales. Choosing one of the styles below based on the product or service you are promoting, or your personal style, will help you go a long way in becoming more comfortable with sales and successfully closing sales.

So, what are some selling styles? There is proactive, consultative, aggressive, and passive styles. Again, for your business, you may want to pick one style and build around that. As you grow, or hire sales people, they may choose to employ a different style that suits them better. 

Photo Credit: Aman Bhargava

Photo Credit: Aman Bhargava


Proactive selling is all about you controlling the sales process. You are not a bystander in the process nor do you let the consumer guide the sale. The basis of this sales approach is to be "ahead" of your consumer and provide what's necessary to push them through your sales funnel. You anticipate the questions they will have, you address their concerns, and you steer them towards your desired outcome at every turn. You are proactive with your sales whether you are passive or aggressive in sales. If this style works for you, you can learn more about it here.

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This is actually what coaching is about. As a coach, you are not just helping people understand their skills or business better, but rather acting as a type of consultant. You are the expert in your niche, so you can rest assured that there will be people who trust you for your expertise.

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Aggressive is when you seek after people to tell them you have a product and convince them to buy it. As I said above, when your business is new, this may be an approach you need to start with. As more people are aware of your brand, you can transition into a passive approach.

Photo Credit: Joshua Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Joshua Rodriguez


Passive selling is pretty effective. You do not want to be labeled “pushy sales-person” and so you take this approach. As a coach, you will teach others how to get the sale without “selling to” someone. Passive selling can be achieved in a more laid back setting where people are already aware that your product or service exists.

This makes things easier for you in the long run. Passive selling may require aggressive selling at the start. This is until people are aware of your brand and company. When people become loyal customers, then they will be looking out for new products and services and special offers.

Now, that you know these selling styles, it's time to start reaching out to your audience and selling to them. You can start with my Banking With Your Brand bundle to begin implementing these selling styles today! You'll get my "Who Is Your Audience Workbook," which is designed to give you a deep dive into your ideal customer. This 18-page workbook will get you to answer targeted questions that will guide your research into the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client. You'll also conduct market and competitive analysis, so you know exactly what you can do to place yourself strategically and competitively in front of your customer. This will help you boost your conversions and increase your sales.

You will also get my Get Your Money Right Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet is designed to get you thinking about your marketing mix and what aspects you will implement as part of your marketing tactical plan. It will give you a better understanding of the key areas that top online marketers are using daily to achieve their enormous results.


Lastly, you will receive Get Your Money Right Marketing Checklist. This packet contains daily checklists you can start working on today to cover 11 different areas of marketing. These checklists will give you tasks to complete every day in content, email, social media, video, mobile, affiliate, SEO, PPC marketing, and more. They're designed to be used as a quick reference that you can tick off as you complete each task. They're also formatted so that you can easily hand them off to your virtual assistant to complete. They are fully customizable to your specific business, industry and niche. The principles are universal and apply to a variety of businesses.


These are tools I've used successfully in my business. They are based on my research of several leading online marketers and marketing fundamentals taught in colleges and universities each day. Be sure to pick up this bundle, or the individual resources, and begin to put these selling tactics into practice now!



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