What Happens When You Take A Look Through Your Customer's Eyes

Speak to a professional marketer, and they will tell you that it is crucial to know the ins and outs of your target customer. This is the only way you can make sure that you are offering them what they need or want with your company. It will also guarantee that you can beat the competition as well as finding a USP that works for your business. So, let’s look at how to do this and make sure that you can take a look through the eyes of your key customers. 

 Photo Credit: Pic Jumbo

Photo Credit: Pic Jumbo

Get A Search Bar

The first step is to make sure that you have a search bar on your business website. A search bar is a great little piece of the setup that every website should have. You need to make sure that you put it someplace on your main page where customers can easily find it. Why is this so crucial? Well, you can use Google Analytics to find out what your customers are looking for on your site. So, for instance, you might find that plenty of customers are searching for a map on your site to your store. This is obviously going to be more relevant to a local service business. But other sites could get searches for specific products or even deliveries. Obviously, if you get more searches, you need to make certain info more clear. 

Use Google 

Do you have a listing on Google? Well, guess what, Google will allow you to let customers answer questions about your business, and this will shape what your company is and how or why it shows up. This can shape your demand and even help expand your reach. As such, it’s definitely something that you want to focus on and consider. It’s not the only way to gain information that customers use on Google but it’s one of the best. 

Abandon Ship

Are customers abandoning ship before they commit to a sale? It’s important that you know what on earth is going wrong here because you can lose a lot of customers this way. Seventy-five percent of your customers can just disappear halfway down the funnel. A-B testing might be the solution, or you could look at what software companies like BlueSnap provides, which allows you to make transactions easier and more secure for your customers. That’s crucial because without the proper setup customers will just click away, often right before final completion of the sale. 


You can also use analytics to find out when customers are visiting your site through the day. For some businesses, most customers will be coming online after work. Others, potentially appealing to those who stay at home, will come on at midday. It’s important to know this information because you can plan and set up your content production and publication based on this schedule. You can make sure that customers will definitely see the content marketing that you release. 

Take this advice, and you will gain great information that will help you change your business for your customers. 


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