Why You Should Ask Your Employer for More in 2018

Why You Should Ask Your Employer for More in 2018.jpg

While we all love to get pay raises, employee benefits are just as important, and can often make the difference between an okay job and a great one. Some employers have gotten creative with their benefits; it’s not unheard of to see a law office offer dry cleaning reimbursement or see a high-end clothing retailer give its employees a clothing allowance for work attire.

Why Should You Be Asking for Extra?

The recent tax cuts have put many companies in the position of being able to retain some revenue—or even give it back to their employees in the form of bonuses. Naturally, companies are going to want to take care of their star performers first in order to keep them happy, and that means it’s in your best interest to be one of those star performers.

Being a top employee means you’ll have the credibility and clout necessary to ask for extra perks. Asking means basically telling your employer that you’re worth more than they’re currently giving you—and asking them to increase their perception of your worth as an employee. Before you put that request on the table, it’s best if you’re already well-known as an all-star. If not, then brush up on your negotiating skills.

Salary Raise

This one is the go-to for many employees; after all, you probably don’t go to work for the fun of it—you go to make money, and the more, the better. Asking for a salary raise is something that most employees will end up doing at some point in their career, so it’s important that you know how to do it effectively.

Keep a list of your accomplishments throughout the year; you don’t want to just keep track of awards received or huge accolades, you want to also write down projects you were involved with that ended up being highly successful. Praise you received from higher-ups and co-workers should also go on the list.

You’ll also want to have “the talk” a few months before your salary review—don’t wait until your evaluation to ask for more.

Gym Membership

Ask your employer to pay for your gym membership. This might seem like a frivolous thing to ask for—and one that no employer would grant. You’d be surprised, however, at how many employers are willing to entertain the notion.

It turns out that employees who exercise more and eat healthy have better productivity and morale. They also have less work missed due to illness or injury and cost the employer less in terms of insurance benefits. When you go to your employer to ask for them to cover your gym membership, you’re basically asking them to help you be healthier—and a better employee overall.

Student Loan Repayment

If you’re in a specialized field that required schooling, chances are good you’ve got some outstanding student loans. You can negotiate with your employer to get some or even all of them paid off. This would be offered as a repayment benefit, and you’d most likely receive monthly contributions. Employers are starting to open up to this benefit as more and more workers leave college with substantial debt. For instance, companies such as Fidelity, LendEDU, Aetna, and Nvidia are offering student loan contributions from $100 to over $200 on a monthly basis.

Remote Work and Flex Time

Being able to work remotely, if it’s possible, is a great benefit to ask for. Whether you’re looking for a 50% remote agreement or just one day a week at home, it’s worth requesting. Be aware that your employer may be worried about your productivity if you’re working from your home office, and have some ways to counter their concerns. This is also true if you’re looking for a non-traditional work schedule, such as four 10-hour shifts or a come-in-late, leave-late schedule.

Professional Development

If your employer wants you at the top of your professional game, then they should also be willing to help you get the training you need to stay sharp and learn new skills. Don’t be afraid to ask for your employer to pay to send you to training. You may want to start with local training if it’s offered, however, instead of the week-long conference in Bermuda.

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If you’re an employee that your boss would hate to lose, then you’re in a great position to ask for a few extra perks—especially if you can make a solid argument for how those perks will ultimately benefit the company by making you even better at your job. If you present your requests as an opportunity for your employer to invest in you, then 2018 could be the year you get a lot more from your employer.


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