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4 Features Of A Quality Training Program

The truth is that lots of corporate strategies are below par regarding training. Writing down a list of must-haves and churning out a PowerPoint presentation isn’t a program. It’s a surefire way to bore employees to tear and not improve their skills. If you want to do the opposite, you need to implement these four key strategies.

Do Your Employees Represent Your Brand On The Road?

In order for your brand to work, it needs to be embodied in everything you and your employees do. This is easy enough to enforce on the premises, but if you have employees working for you remotely from home or the road this is a little more challenging. You need to take steps to ensure that your employees are not only safe and responsible on the road, but that they are also properly representative of your brand in their actions and behavior.

4 Ways To Re-Energize A Burned Out Team

People aren’t machines, yet you wouldn’t think this was true the way bosses push their employees. Employees are the cornerstone of a successful business, which is one reason a manager relies on his/her team so much. And, when groups are energized, then there is nothing they can’t achieve. Here are a few tips to help get your staff and the company out of a funk.

Ask The HR Lady: How To Handle Sexual Harassment At Work

We are having a watershed moment, the issue, sexual harassment. It is not a new issue, but the fallout because of it is unprecedented. Yet, the stories we've heard thus far have been about the famous. Those who have the means to make their stories heard. I received a question from a young lady experiencing sexual harassment at her job. Find out how she should appropriately handle the situation.