Business Planning and Systems Optimization

During my strategy sessions I really dig deep into your business by looking at 21 key success indicators. Working together we will create a plan of action for you. In the Business Planning Bootcamp, you will go through a 4-week course and receive hands-on training helping you establish your business foundation so you get hit the ground running. Each service includes: 1-on-1 coaching, email support, and working activities to help you address business issues and create customized business solutions.

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Business Plan Bootcamp: Business Plan and Systemization Program

This is your baby and you want it to be healthy and happy. In this program, we will develop your business plan, identify the backend systems needed to operate your business effectively and efficiently, create a financial plan, and figure out your hiring/outsourcing objectives. Each week we will cover a different topic. For 4 weeks, we'll work together to:

  • Develop your Business Plan
  • Set-up and Automate your Business Systems
  • Establish your Financials
  • Create your People Plan
  • Weekly, 60-minute Call
  • Daily Email Support

So you can focus on raising this baby! 
You will walk through the 4-modules in Studio 351 University and get scheduled "Office Hours" to get your questions answered and go over your coursework.

Business Audit: Business Optimization

If you're ready to go deeper into your business than this is for you. Over two sessions, I work my magic to inspect your business and then give you the exact steps you need to follow to improve it. We will work together to advance your business strategy. You will walk away knowing you're on the right track. (The first call is prescriptive, the second corrective.) 

  • Identify your target audience
  • Define your authentic voice (or leadership style)
  • Map out your Social Media strategy
  • Set-up Email Marketing system
  • Create Content Marketing strategy
  • Promotion plan for signature product or service
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Business Check-Up: Business Inspection

If your business is "sick" this "check-up" is just what you need. With my expert help, we'll take corrective action to fix your problems and kick your business up to the next level.

This is a check-in to see where your business is and course correct any issues you may be facing. We will work on client servicing, automation, and develop a corrective action plan. This session can be used to clarify your business strategy, get feedback on a new business idea, address leadership issues, or develop a new content, email, or social media strategy. Sessions may go from 60 to 90 minutes



Where does this training take place?

Coaching can take place in a virtual and online setting. These sessions are designed to take place online, either as a virtual classroom or training workshop. If you would like to receive this service in another format, please contact me for special packages and rates.

Do you have a payment plan?

My coaching is designed for invested and committed leaders. Those who are serious about their profession and business and are willing to do the work to succeed. Therefore, payment plans are not available for most of these services. However, in the event they are the rate and plan details will be provided on the payment page. 

If you can't commit to investing in coaching to set your business and career up for success, you still can take a step forward in the right direction by taking part in my Courses & Master Classes.

Can I get more customized help?

Yes! You can definitely receive more customized solutions and individualized training as an entrepreneur or manager. This is available via my Coaching Programs, which you can schedule today.