Develop Your Brand

Creating a strong brand will be key to your business survival. It is your brand that will help foster customer recognition, awareness, and loyalty. It can also help boost sales, attract good talent, and push past your competitors. Your business brand is like your personal reputation. Your brand is a great way to reach your target audience and grab their attention. 

  • Choose a name for your business or choose a brand name 

  • Trademark your business/brand name, logo, and other special marks

  • Come up with your brand message (your USP)

  • Come up with a tagline

  • Determine your brand’s tone and style

  • Choose your brand colors, fonts, textures, and other moods

  • Develop a logo

Setup Your Legal Structure

What protections do you need? Do you have plans to take your business public or will it stay private? Will you have a partner(s)? Does your business serve a public good?


Determine if You will Need Outside Funding