On-Demand Trainings and Workshop

These classes are designed to give you targeted learning on a variety of topics important to leaders. These courses cover business and leadership principles important to entrepreneurs and managers. The information you will learn in these sessions is imperative, must-know information for your success. Browse these course offerings to learn more. These courses should be used as a part of a self-study program in conjunction with my Library. These classes are also great supplemental material for Coaching Program clients and Business Planning participants. If you are a coaching client, please reach out before purchasing a training as it may be included as a part of your program.


"1-Page" business Plan Workshop

Learn how to complete my 1-Page Business plan. In this class, I help you define your vision, how to communicate with your audience, how to calculate your projections and forecasts, and determine your market feasibility. This  class will definitely get you on the right track in your business and help you start the planning process correctly. 


Conduct Effective market ReseaRch Workshop

You've decided you want to start a business, but you're not sure about who to market to, how to find a market, what that market will want, and how best to deliver your product or service to them. Get the answer to your questions on how to conduct market research FOR FREE and then how you can validate that data.

Goal planning system.png

Goal Planning System Class

In this class, you will receive my planner system, personal SWOT analysis, goal setting system, and action plan. You will also receive the training class to help you get focused and develop your goal strategy in a way that will help you make sure you succeed. 

Reclaiming Your Time.png

Reclaiming your Time eBook

"Reclaiming My Time" is written for busy entrepreneurs and management professionals who want to maximize their time, improve their focus, and develop a winning strategy for killing their goals! 

Who Is Your Audience.png

Who Is Your Audience Class

Your marketing activities will be based on who is in your target audience. In this workbook, you will clearly define your target customer, identify your competitors and their offerings, and conduct baseline market analysis. Once you work through this workbook, you should be able to speak to your ideal customer (customer avatar) as if you were long-time best friends!