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Business and Leadership Coaching services starting at $125/hour.

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Strategy Session

$199/hour — You have a problem. I have an answer. During this session, we tackle the biggest challenge you're facing and create a plan of action to get you moving toward resolution.  

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Business Check-Up

$399 — This is a check-in to see where your business is and course correct any issues you may be facing. We will work on client servicing, automation, and develop a corrective action plan. This session can be used to clarify your business strategy, get feedback on a new business idea, address leadership issues, or develop a new content, email, or social media strategy.

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Business Audit

$699 — This is good for the entrepreneur who wants to go more in-depth in their business. Over the course of two calls, we will work together to advance your business strategy. (The first call is prescriptive, the second corrective.) 
- Identify your target audience
- Define your authentic voice (or leadership style)
- Map out your Social Media strategy
- Set-up Email Marketing system
- Create Content Marketing strategy
- Promotion plan for signature product or service

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Strategic Planning/
Management program (Month-Long)

$999 — This "session" is 4-weeks. You will have 1 weekly, 60-minute call, and daily email support. In this program, we will develop your business plan, identify the backend systems needed to operate your business effectively and efficiently, create a financial plan, and figure out your hiring/outsourcing objectives. Each week we will cover a different topic.
Week 1: Develop Your Business Plan
Week 2: Set-up Systems
Week 3: Financials
Week 4: People Plan

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1-on-1 Coaching Session

Business: Variable hourly rate based on engagement — Designed to take place on an ongoing basis, we will work to address the issues you are facing building and growing your business. You will shift your mindset and scale your business!

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Leadership: variable hourly rate based on engagement — Great leadership starts within the leader first. In our sessions, we will work to address key mindset and interpersonal skills you have and how they affect your leadership and ability to manage a team effectively.

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Productivity Hacking System

Personal: $125/hour — Struggling to find order in your life? Looking for a simple system to automate your daily tasks? We work together to determine what your life vision is and what's most important to you and design a system around that

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Business: $175/hour — Deciding what systems to use in your business requires more than cherry-picking. You should pick systems based on your strategic goals and tactical aims. I work with you to define, design, implement, and integrate a "systems plan" to automate, delegate, and optimize your business.

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Montly, QUarterly, and Yearly COaching

Variable hourly rate based on engagement, payment plans available — Ready to commit and invest in your future? Then this is for you. If  you know you want to excel and are ready to give it your all, receive a discount for booking a longer-term engagement upfront!

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On-Site Coaching - VIP Days

Virtual: Contact for pricing — A VIP Day is a concentrated one day experience where we focus on one or two particular issues you want to resolve (approximately 6-8 hours which sometimes we split into 2 days).

US/CA/MX/CAR: Contact for pricing — Description above.

All other regions: Contact for pricing — Description above.

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