Relationship Reset + Recharge Workbook

Relationship Reset + Recharge Workbook


This workbook will help you get the most of our your most important relationships. Learn what makes good relationships great, develop practices through activities & exercises, get checklists, and a relationship assessment.

  • Be able to determine your current state in 8 key areas of your life and relationships

  • Develop new ways of handling conflicts at work and at home

  • Gain the confidence to handle the ups and downs in relationships

  • Define an implementation plan that gets you to act on what you've learned immediately

  • Offers an opportunity to receive real-time, relevant feedback that will help you improve your leadership drastically

  • Gain clarity on your partners needs and wants and have fun doing it

  • Get daily reminders to help you create a mindset of positivity in your relationships

  • This 50+ page workbook will get you to think more purposely about your relationship and get your the love, life, and results you want!

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