Set up your Sales platform or business location

  • Set up your business location

    • If you need a storefront, find a business location

    • If you have an online business, set up your website and e-commerce platform

  • Get business insurance (the types of insurance depend on your business/industry)

    • General liability insurance

    • Property and casualty insurance

    • Life insurance

    • Worker’s compensation insurance

    • Disability insurance

    • Health insurance

    • Industry or business-specific insurance 

  • Set up your business systems

    • Establish your POS (point of sale) system

    • Customer relationship management system and/or database

    • Invoicing system

    • Accounting system

    • Email 

    • Phone 

    • Marketing 

      • Email Autoresponder

      • Lead Capture System

      • Social Media

  • Determine your staffing needs (will you hire employees, outsource, get interns, etc.)

    • Create job descriptions 

    • Advertise your available positions

    • Hire employees, freelancers, interns, etc

    • Accounting system

Bring Your Baby To Market

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Setup Your Finances