I'm so happy you stopped by! I know that being an entrepreneur can be STRESS FULL. Running a department and managing a team is draining! So, I put together these two gifts just to say thank you for stopping by my part of the world. 

You'll get my ultimate resource list that has over 350+ tools, apps, and resources to help you set up systems to make your business run smoother. Most of them are free, too! You'll be able to handle the functions of a CFO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, and develop yourself with these resources. I got you covered.

The eight skills that I offer you are quick and easy to begin implementing. You can literally start today. They're bite-size so it's easy for you to chew and swallow the real meat of the message. Also, I've made them simple so they stick and you'll be more likely to follow through!

So, grab your copy! Plus, you'll receive free tips and discounts from my amazing partners like LinkedIn Learning, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palace Resorts, Staples, OptinMonster, +many more!

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Hi, I'm Lauren Ashley!

I'm a business and executive coach. I have over 13 years experience working in business (financial services and health care) and have owned three businesses (including this one!).

I've worked as a Project Manager, Senior HR Specialist, Chief Administrative Officer, Business Analyst, Implementation Specialist, and even an Executive Assistant. To say I've seen business and leadership back-and-forth is an understatement. I've managed teams as large as 40 people. In my last business as a Project Management Consultant, I worked with all kinds of for-profit, not-for-profit, and faith-based firms to help them launch, develop, and maintain their product or service in their market.

Luckily, you now get the chance to benefit from all of my experience. I share with you all that I've learned and continue to learn here on my website and exclusively with my community and clients. 

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