Let me guess, you're here because you’re ready to get to work building a real business, becoming a better leader, and kicking this Alpha woman thing into overdrive. Well, then...let's go!

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Now, first let me tell you what I don't do.

  1. No Bullshit (ain't got time for that)

  2. No Funny Business (never had time for that)

  3. No Myths and Fantasies (can't make time for that)

  4. No Random Theories (don't even know where to find time for that)

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Here's what I do

  1. Provide real solid business advice. I've studied business (Finance, HR and Quantitative Analysis), worked in business (financial services and healthcare) and run businesses (two prior).

  2. Real leadership development. I've been a manager (up to CAO), and worked for some of the top leaders in globally-recognized companies.

  3. A little bit of snark, a lot of spark, and always straight talk


So, If You're Ready To Work

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